lightning-withdraw -- Command for withdrawing funds from the internal wallet


withdraw destination satoshi [feerate] [minconf] [utxos]


The withdraw RPC command sends funds from Core Lightning's internal
wallet to the address specified in destination.

The address can be of any Bitcoin accepted type, including bech32.

satoshi is the amount to be withdrawn from the internal wallet
(expressed, as name suggests, in satoshi). The string all can be used
to specify withdrawal of all available funds (but if we have
any anchor channels, this will always leave at least min-emergency-msat as change).
. Otherwise, it is in
satoshi precision; it can be a whole number, a whole number ending in
sat, a whole number ending in 000msat, or a number with 1 to 8
decimal places ending in btc.

feerate is an optional feerate: see NOTES in lightning-feerates(7)
for possible values. The default is normal.

minconf specifies the minimum number of confirmations that used
outputs should have. Default is 1.

utxos specifies the utxos to be used to be withdrawn from, as an array
of "txid:vout". These must be drawn from the node's available UTXO set.


On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • tx (hex): the fully signed bitcoin transaction
  • txid (txid): the transaction id of tx
  • psbt (string): the PSBT representing the unsigned transaction

On failure, an error is reported and the withdrawal transaction is not

The following error codes may occur:

  • -1: Catchall nonspecific error.
  • 301: There are not enough funds in the internal wallet (including
    fees) to create the transaction.
  • 302: The dust limit is not met.
  • 313: The min-emergency-msat reserve not be preserved (and we have anchor channels).


Felix <[email protected]> is mainly responsible.


lightning-listfunds(7), lightning-fundchannel(7), lightning-newaddr(7),
lightning-txprepare(7), lightning-feerates(7).


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