lightning-delinvoice -- Command for removing an invoice (or just its description)


delinvoice label status [desconly]


The delinvoice RPC command removes an invoice with status as given in listinvoices, or with desconly set, removes its description.

  • label (one of): Label of the invoice to be deleted.:
    • (string)
    • (u64)
  • status (string) (one of "paid", "expired", "unpaid"): Label of the invoice to be deleted. The caller should be particularly aware of the error case caused by the status changing just before this command is invoked!
  • desconly (boolean, optional): If set to True, the invoice is not deleted, but has its description removed (this can save space with very large descriptions, as would be used with lightning-invoice(7) deschashonly.


Note: The return is the same as an object from lightning-listinvoices(7).
On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • label (string): Unique label given at creation time.
  • payment_hash (hash): The hash of the payment_preimage which will prove payment.
  • created_index (u64): 1-based index indicating order this invoice was created in. (added v23.08)
  • status (string) (one of "paid", "expired", "unpaid"): State of invoice.
  • expires_at (u64): UNIX timestamp when invoice expires (or expired).
  • bolt11 (string, optional): BOLT11 string.
  • bolt12 (string, optional): BOLT12 string.
  • amount_msat (msat, optional): The amount required to pay this invoice.
  • description (string, optional): Description used in the invoice.
  • updated_index (u64, optional): 1-based index indicating order this invoice was changed (only present if it has changed since creation). (added v23.08)

If bolt12 is present:

  • local_offer_id (hex, optional): Offer for which this invoice was created.
  • invreq_payer_note (string, optional): The optional invreq_payer_note from invoice_request which created this invoice.

If status is "paid":

  • pay_index (u64): Unique index for this invoice payment.
  • amount_received_msat (msat): How much was actually received.
  • paid_at (u64): UNIX timestamp of when payment was received.
  • payment_preimage (secret): SHA256 of this is the payment_hash offered in the invoice.


The following errors may be reported:

  • -1: Database error.
  • 905: An invoice with that label does not exist.
  • 906: The invoice status does not match the parameter. An error object will be returned as error data, containing current_status and expected_status fields. This is most likely due to the status of the invoice changing just before this command is invoked.
  • 908: The invoice already has no description, and desconly was set.


Example 1:


  "id": "example:delinvoice#1",
  "method": "delinvoice",
  "params": {
    "label": "invlabel2",
    "status": "unpaid",
    "desconly": true


  "label": "invlabel2",
  "bolt11": "lnbcrt420p1pja0tefsp5vvzg40t4g24l0eqk0jch7mc6jm3ec52ts8w8gwzpwtx9c8nv05rspp533e9csxurt7j9sn2cx7hsn6m00475qgrau8sux5r7djpdedwy2fshp5xqsmrtgfcwsnhxcxmf3tuc65kl6fxvqhvujfmxw2kpeh95yy2x8sxqyjw5qcqp99qxpqysgqgfjrz4q5zcq2lluxxg9h475mq2d3w0tpdstm5274zmhadjl8cqapylfskzk96apka5599a2flm90rmavsk7q8mhh87yle3sgh5vrlycq72fern",
  "payment_hash": "8c725c40dc1afd22c26ac1bd784f5b7bebea0103ef0f0e1a83f36416e5ae2293",
  "amount_msat": 42,
  "status": "unpaid",
  "expires_at": 1709238697,
  "created_index": 3

Example 2:


  "id": "example:delinvoice#2",
  "method": "delinvoice",
  "params": {
    "label": "keysend-1708640419.666098582",
    "status": "paid",
    "desconly": null


  "label": "keysend-1708640419.666098582",
  "bolt11": "lnbcrt1pja0j9rsp5tg3zvj846gcdzw394njazq40s946sq2ur3hkl4xu4xudtjdtckxspp5fuunrfzsnyz2uxjmg2n95mqhghv4fpvv2kud3kvq4fkys3vmzu5sdqvddjhjum9dejqxqyjw5qcqp99qxpqysgqwt7r0gjlgt7zrfldc3um9myfc36acpqnsdn77c2m42facjtps30yufc5nsmwzhgexlj59f6xa5hess6e3tqrxynt9fejzj3rrshddtcqnappmj",
  "payment_hash": "4f3931a4509904ae1a5b42a65a6c1745d954858c55b8d8d980aa6c48459b1729",
  "status": "paid",
  "pay_index": 1,
  "amount_received_msat": 10000000,
  "paid_at": 1708640419,
  "payment_preimage": "b760af47f456a217e8dfda21a282f1f78c903487c1b21b3b318135f75aa3bf11",
  "description": "keysend",
  "expires_at": 1709245219,
  "created_index": 1,
  "updated_index": 1


Rusty Russell <[email protected]> is mainly responsible.


lightning-listinvoices(7), lightning-waitinvoice(7), lightning-invoice(7), lightning-autoclean-status(7)


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