lightning-showrunes -- Command to list previously generated runes


showrunes [rune]


The showrunes RPC command either lists runes that we stored as we generate them (see lightning-createrune(7)) or decodes the rune given on the command line.


On success, an object containing runes is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

  • rune (string): Base64 encoded rune
  • unique_id (string): Unique id assigned when the rune was generated; this is always a u64 for commando runes
  • restrictions (array of objects): The restrictions on what commands this rune can authorize:
    • alternatives (array of objects):
      • fieldname (string): The field this restriction applies to; see commando-rune(7)
      • value (string): The value accepted for this field
      • condition (string): The way to compare fieldname and value
      • english (string): English readable description of this alternative
    • english (string): English readable summary of alternatives above
  • restrictions_as_english (string): English readable description of the restrictions array above
  • stored (boolean, optional): This is false if the rune does not appear in our datastore (only possible when rune is specified) (always false)
  • blacklisted (boolean, optional): The rune has been blacklisted; see commando-blacklist(7) (always true)
  • last_used (number, optional): The last time this rune was successfully used (added 23.11)
  • our_rune (boolean, optional): This is not a rune for this node (only possible when rune is specified) (always false)


Shahana Farooqui <[email protected]> is mainly responsible.


lightning-commando-showrunes(7), lightning-blacklistrune(7)


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