lightning-reserveinputs -- Construct a transaction and reserve the UTXOs it spends


reserveinputs psbt [exclusive] [reserve]


The reserveinputs RPC command places (or increases) reservations on any
inputs specified in psbt which are known to lightningd. It will fail
with an error if any of the inputs are known to be spent, and ignore inputs
which are unknown.

Normally the command will fail (with no reservations made) if an input
is already reserved. If exclusive is set to False, then existing
reservations are simply extended, rather than causing failure.

By default, reservations are for the next 72 blocks (approximately 6
hours), but this can be changed by setting reserve.


On success, an object containing reservations is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

  • txid (txid): the transaction id
  • vout (u32): the output number which was reserved
  • was_reserved (boolean): whether the input was already reserved
  • reserved (boolean): whether the input is now reserved (always true)
  • reserved_to_block (u32): what blockheight the reservation will expire

On success, a reservations array is returned, with an entry for each input
which was reserved:

  • txid is the input transaction id.
  • vout is the input index.
  • was_reserved indicates whether the input was already reserved.
  • reserved indicates that the input is now reserved (i.e. true).
  • reserved_to_block indicates what blockheight the reservation will expire.

On failure, an error is reported and no UTXOs are reserved.

The following error codes may occur:

  • -32602: Invalid parameter, such as specifying a spent/reserved input in psbt.


niftynei <[email protected]> is mainly responsible.


lightning-unreserveinputs(7), lightning-signpsbt(7), lightning-sendpsbt(7)


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