lightning-decodepay -- Command for decoding a bolt11 string (low-level)


decodepay bolt11 [description]


Command added in v23.05.

The decodepay RPC command checks and parses a bolt11 string as specified by the BOLT 11 specification.

  • bolt11 (string): Bolt11 invoice to decode.
  • description (string, optional): Description of the invoice to decode.


On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • currency (string): The BIP173 name for the currency.
  • created_at (u64): The UNIX-style timestamp of the invoice.
  • expiry (u64): The number of seconds this is valid after timestamp.
  • payee (pubkey): The public key of the recipient.
  • payment_hash (hash): The hash of the payment_preimage.
  • signature (signature): Signature of the payee on this invoice.
  • min_final_cltv_expiry (u32): The minimum CLTV delay for the final node.
  • amount_msat (msat, optional): Amount the invoice asked for.
  • description (string, optional): The description of the purpose of the purchase.
  • description_hash (hash, optional): The hash of the description, in place of description.
  • payment_secret (hash, optional): The secret to hand to the payee node.
  • features (hex, optional): The features bitmap for this invoice.
  • payment_metadata (hex, optional): The payment_metadata to put in the payment.
  • fallbacks (array of objects, optional): Onchain addresses.:
    • type (string) (one of "P2PKH", "P2SH", "P2WPKH", "P2WSH", "P2TR"): The address type (if known).
    • hex (hex): Raw encoded address.
    • addr (string, optional): The address in appropriate format for type.
  • routes (array of arrays, optional): Route hints to the payee.:
    • (array of objects): Hops in the route.
      • pubkey (pubkey): The public key of the node.
      • short_channel_id (short_channel_id): A channel to the next peer.
      • fee_base_msat (msat): The base fee for payments.
      • fee_proportional_millionths (u32): The parts-per-million fee for payments.
      • cltv_expiry_delta (u32): The CLTV delta across this hop.
  • extra (array of objects, optional): Any extra fields we didn't know how to parse.:
    • tag (string) (always 1 characters): The bech32 letter which identifies this field.
    • data (string): The bech32 data for this field.

Technically, the description field is optional if a description_hash field is given, but in this case decodepay will only succeed if the optional description field is passed and matches the description_hash. In practice, these are currently unused.


Example 1:


  "id": "example:decodepay#1",
  "method": "decodepay",
  "params": {
    "bolt11": "lnbcrt110u1pjmr5lzsp5sfjyj3xn7ux592k36hmmt4ax98n6lgct22wvj54yck0upcmep63qpp5qu436g855lr40ftdt7csatk5pdvtdzzfmfqluwtvm0fds95jsadqdpq0pzk7s6j8y69xjt6xe25j5j4g44hsatdxqyjw5qcqp99qxpqysgquwma3zrw4cd8e8j4u9uh4gxukaacckse64kx2l9dqv8rvrysdq5r5dt38t9snqj9u5ar07h2exr4fg56wpudkhkk7gtxlyt72ku5fpqqd4fnlk",
    "description": null


  "currency": "bcrt",
  "created_at": 1706152930,
  "expiry": 604800,
  "payee": "022d223620a359a47ff7f7ac447c85c46c923da53389221a0054c11c1e3ca31d59",
  "amount_msat": 11000000,
  "description": [
  "min_final_cltv_expiry": 5,
  "payment_secret": "82644944d3f70d42aad1d5f7b5d7a629e7afa30b529cc952a4c59fc0e3790ea2",
  "features": "02024100",
  "payment_hash": "072b1d20f4a7c757a56d5fb10eaed40b58b68849da41fe396cdbd2d81692875a",
  "signature": "3045022100e3b7d8886eae1a7c9e55e1797aa0dcb77b8c5a19d56c657cad030e360c90682802203a35713acb098245e53a37faeac98754a29a7078db5ed6f2166f917e55b94484"


Rusty Russell <[email protected]> is mainly responsible.


lightning-pay(7), lightning-getroute(7), lightning-sendpay(7)


BOLT #11

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