lightning-fetchinvoice -- Command for fetch an invoice for an offer


(WARNING: experimental-offers only)

fetchinvoice offer [amount_msat] [quantity] [recurrence_counter] [recurrence_start] [recurrence_label] [timeout] [payer_note]


The fetchinvoice RPC command contacts the issuer of an offer to get
an actual invoice that can be paid. It highlights any changes between the
offer and the returned invoice.

If fetchinvoice-noconnect is not specified in the configuation, it
will connect to the destination in the (currently common!) case where it
cannot find a route which supports option_onion_messages.

amount_msat is required if the offer does not specify an amount
at all, otherwise it is optional (but presumably if you set it to less
than the offer, you will get an error from the issuer).

quantity is is required if the offer specifies
quantity_max, otherwise it is not allowed.

recurrence_counter is required if the offer
specifies recurrence, otherwise it is not allowed.
recurrence_counter should first be set to 0, and incremented for
each successive invoice in a given series.

recurrence_start is required if the offer
specifies recurrence_base with start_any_period set, otherwise it
is not allowed. It indicates what period number to start at.

recurrence_label is required if recurrence_counter is set, and
otherwise is not allowed. It must be the same as prior fetchinvoice
calls for the same recurrence, as it is used to link them together.

timeout is an optional timeout; if we don't get a reply before this
we fail (default, 60 seconds).

payer_note is an optional payer note to ask the issuer to include
in the fetched invoice.


On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • invoice (string): The BOLT12 invoice we fetched
  • changes (object): Summary of changes from offer:
    • description_appended (string, optional): extra characters appended to the description field.
    • description (string, optional): a completely replaced description field
    • vendor_removed (string, optional): The vendor from the offer, which is missing in the invoice
    • vendor (string, optional): a completely replaced vendor field
    • amount_msat (msat, optional): the amount, if different from the offer amount multiplied by any quantity (or the offer had no amount, or was not in BTC).
  • next_period (object, optional): Only for recurring invoices if the next period is under the recurrence_limit:
    • counter (u64): the index of the next period to fetchinvoice
    • starttime (u64): UNIX timestamp that the next period starts
    • endtime (u64): UNIX timestamp that the next period ends
    • paywindow_start (u64): UNIX timestamp of the earliest time that the next invoice can be fetched
    • paywindow_end (u64): UNIX timestamp of the latest time that the next invoice can be fetched

The following error codes may occur:

  • -1: Catchall nonspecific error.
  • 1002: Offer has expired.
  • 1003: Cannot find a route to the node making the offer.
  • 1004: The node making the offer returned an error message.
  • 1005: We timed out trying to fetch an invoice.


Rusty Russell <[email protected]> is mainly responsible.


lightning-sendinvoice(7), lightning-pay(7).


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