lightning-preapprovekeysend -- Ask the HSM to preapprove a keysend payment (low-level)


preapprovekeysend destination payment_hash amount_msat


The preapprovekeysend RPC command submits the destination, payment_hash,
and amount_msat parameters to the HSM to check that they are approved as a
keysend payment.

destination is a 33 byte, hex-encoded, node ID of the node that the payment should go to.

payment_hash is the unique identifier of a payment.

amount_msat is the amount to send in millisatoshi precision; it can
be a whole number, or a whole number with suffix msat or sat, or a
three decimal point number with suffix sat, or an 1 to 11 decimal
point number suffixed by btc.

Generally the preapprovekeysend request does not need to be made
explicitly, it is automatically generated as part of a keysend request.

By default, the HSM will approve all preapprovekeysend requests.

If a remote signer is being used it might decline an preapprovekeysend
request because it would exceed velocity controls, is not covered by
allowlist controls, was declined manually, or other reasons.

If a remote signer declines a preapprovekeysend request a subsequent
attempt to pay the keysend anyway will fail; the signer will refuse to sign
the commitment.


On success, an empty object is returned.


Ken Sedgwick <[email protected]> is mainly responsible.




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