lightning-datastore -- Command for storing (plugin) data


datastore key [string] [hex] [mode] [generation]


The datastore RPC command allows plugins to store data in the
Core Lightning database, for later retrieval.

key is an array of values (though a single value is treated as a
one-element array), to form a hierarchy. Using the first element of
the key as the plugin name (e.g. [ "summary" ]) is recommended.
A key can either have children or a value, never both: parents are
created and removed automatically.

mode is one of "must-create" (default, fails if it already exists),
"must-replace" (fails if it doesn't already exist),
"create-or-replace" (never fails), "must-append" (must already exist,
append this to what's already there) or "create-or-append" (append if
anything is there, otherwise create).

generation, if specified, means that the update will fail if the
previously-existing data is not exactly that generation. This allows
for simple atomicity. This is only legal with mode "must-replace"
or "must-append".


On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • key (array of strings):
    • Part of the key added to the datastore
  • generation (u64, optional): The number of times this has been updated
  • hex (hex, optional): The hex data which has been added to the datastore
  • string (string, optional): The data as a string, if it's valid utf-8

The following error codes may occur:

  • 1202: The key already exists (and mode said it must not)
  • 1203: The key does not exist (and mode said it must)
  • 1204: The generation was wrong (and generation was specified)
  • 1205: The key has children already.
  • 1206: One of the parents already exists with a value.
  • -32602: invalid parameters


Rusty Russell <[email protected]> is mainly responsible.


lightning-listdatastore(7), lightning-deldatastore(7), lightning-datastoreusage(7)


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