lightning-fundchannel_start -- Command for initiating channel establishment for a lightning channel


fundchannel_start id amount [feerate announce close_to push_msat]


fundchannel_start is a lower level RPC command. It allows a user to
initiate channel establishment with a connected peer.

id is the node id of the remote peer.

amount is the satoshi value that the channel will be funded at. This
value MUST be accurate, otherwise the negotiated commitment transactions
will not encompass the correct channel value.

feerate is an optional field. Sets the feerate for subsequent
commitment transactions: see fundchannel. Note that this is ignored
for channels with option_anchors_zero_fee_htlc_tx (we always use a low
commitment fee for these).

announce whether or not to announce this channel.

close_to is a Bitcoin address to which the channel funds should be sent to
on close. Only valid if both peers have negotiated option_upfront_shutdown_script.
Returns close_to set to closing script iff is negotiated.

push_msat is the amount of millisatoshis to push to the channel peer at
open. Note that this is a gift to the peer -- these satoshis are
added to the initial balance of the peer at channel start and are largely
unrecoverable once pushed.

Note that the funding transaction MUST NOT be broadcast until after
channel establishment has been successfully completed by running
fundchannel_complete, as the commitment transactions for this channel
are not secured until the complete command succeeds. Broadcasting
transaction before that can lead to unrecoverable loss of funds.


On success, an object is returned, containing:

  • funding_address (string): The address to send funding to for the channel. DO NOT SEND COINS TO THIS ADDRESS YET.
  • scriptpubkey (hex): The raw scriptPubkey for the address
  • close_to (hex, optional): The raw scriptPubkey which mutual close will go to; only present if close_to parameter was specified and peer supports option_upfront_shutdown_script
  • mindepth (u32, optional): Number of confirmations before we consider the channel active.

The following warnings may also be returned:

  • warning_usage: A warning not to prematurely broadcast the funding transaction (always present!)

On error the returned object will contain code and message properties,
with code being one of the following:

  • -32602: If the given parameters are wrong.
  • -1: Catchall nonspecific error.
  • 300: The amount exceeded the maximum configured funding amount.
  • 301: The provided push_msat is greater than the provided amount.
  • 304: Still syncing with bitcoin network
  • 305: Peer is not connected.
  • 306: Unknown peer id.


Lisa Neigut <[email protected]> is mainly responsible.


lightning-connect(7), lightning-fundchannel(7), lightning-multifundchannel(7),
lightning-fundchannel_complete(7), lightning-fundchannel_cancel(7)
lightning-openchannel_init(7), lightning-openchannel_update(7),
lightning-openchannel_signed(7), lightning-openchannel_bump(7),


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