lightning-delpay -- Command for removing a completed or failed payment


delpay payment_hash status [partid groupid]


The delpay RPC command deletes a payment with the given payment_hash if its status is either complete or failed. Deleting a pending payment is an error. If partid and groupid are not specified, all payment parts with matchin status are deleted.

  • payment_hash: The unique identifier of a payment.
  • status: Expected status of the payment.
  • partid: Specific partid to delete (must be paired with groupid)
  • groupid: Specific groupid to delete (must be paired with partid)

Only deletes if the payment status matches.


  "id": 82,
  "method": "delpay",
  "params": {
    "payment_hash": "4fa2f1b001067ec06d7f95b8695b8acd9ef04c1b4d1110e3b94e1fa0687bb1e0",
    "status": "complete"


The returned format is the same as lightning-listsendpays(7). If the
payment is a multi-part payment (MPP) the command return a list of
payments will be returned -- one payment object for each partid.

On success, an object containing payments is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

  • created_index (u64): 1-based index indicating order this payment was created in (added v23.11)
  • id (u64): old synonym for created_index
  • payment_hash (hash): the hash of the payment_preimage which will prove payment
  • status (string): status of the payment (one of "pending", "failed", "complete")
  • amount_sent_msat (msat): the amount we actually sent, including fees
  • created_at (u64): the UNIX timestamp showing when this payment was initiated
  • partid (u64, optional): unique ID within this (multi-part) payment
  • destination (pubkey, optional): the final destination of the payment if known
  • amount_msat (msat, optional): the amount the destination received, if known
  • updated_index (u64, optional): 1-based index indicating order this payment was changed (only present if it has changed since creation) (added v23.11)
  • completed_at (u64, optional): the UNIX timestamp showing when this payment was completed
  • groupid (u64, optional): Grouping key to disambiguate multiple attempts to pay an invoice or the same payment_hash
  • payment_preimage (secret, optional): proof of payment
  • label (string, optional): the label, if given to sendpay
  • bolt11 (string, optional): the bolt11 string (if pay supplied one)
  • bolt12 (string, optional): the bolt12 string (if supplied for pay: experimental-offers only).
  • erroronion (hex, optional): the error onion returned on failure, if any.

On failure, an error is returned. If the lightning process fails before responding, the
caller should use lightning-listsentpays(7) or lightning-listpays(7) to query whether this payment was deleted or not.

The following error codes may occur:

  • -32602: Parameter missed or malformed;
  • 211: Payment status mismatch. Check the correct status via paystatus;
  • 208: Payment with payment_hash not found.


   "payments": [
         "id": 2,
         "payment_hash": "8dfd6538eeb33811c9114a75f792a143728d7f05643f38c3d574d3097e8910c0",
         "destination": "0219f8900ee78a89f050c24d8b69492954f9fdbabed753710845eb75d3a75a5880",
         "msatoshi": 1000,
         "amount_msat": "1000msat",
         "msatoshi_sent": 1000,
         "amount_sent_msat": "1000msat",
         "created_at": 1596224858,
         "status": "complete",
         "payment_preimage": "35bd4e2b481a1a84a22215b5372672cf81460a671816960ddb206464359e1822",
         "bolt11": "lntb10n1p0jga20pp53h7k2w8wkvuprjg3ff6l0y4pgdeg6lc9vsln3s74wnfsjl5fzrqqdqdw3jhxazldahx2xqyjw5qcqp2sp5wut5jnhr6n7jd5747ky2g5flmw7hgx9yjnqzu60ps2jf6f7tc0us9qy9qsqu2a0k37nckl62005p69xavlkydkvhnypk4dphffy4x09zltwh9437ad7xkl83tefdarzhu5t30ju5s56wlrg97qkx404pq3srfc425cq3ke9af"


Vincenzo Palazzo <[email protected]> is mainly responsible.


lightning-listpays(7), lightning-listsendpays(7), lightning-paystatus(7).


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