lightning-commando-listrunes -- Command to list previously generated runes


commando-listrunes [rune]


The commando-listrunes RPC command either lists runes that we stored as we generate them (see lightning-commando-rune(7)) or decodes the rune given on the command line.

NOTE: Runes generated prior to v23.05 were not stored, so will not appear in this list.


On success, an object containing runes is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

  • rune (string): Base64 encoded rune
  • unique_id (string): Unique id assigned when the rune was generated; this is always a u64 for commando runes
  • restrictions (array of objects): The restrictions on what commands this rune can authorize:
    • alternatives (array of objects):
      • fieldname (string): The field this restriction applies to; see commando-rune(7)
      • value (string): The value accepted for this field
      • condition (string): The way to compare fieldname and value
      • english (string): English readable description of this alternative
    • english (string): English readable summary of alternatives above
  • restrictions_as_english (string): English readable description of the restrictions array above
  • stored (boolean, optional): This is false if the rune does not appear in our datastore (only possible when rune is specified) (always false)
  • blacklisted (boolean, optional): The rune has been blacklisted; see commando-blacklist(7) (always true)
  • last_used (number, optional): The last time this rune was successfully used (added 23.11)
  • our_rune (boolean, optional): This is not a rune for this node (only possible when rune is specified) (always false)


Shahana Farooqui <[email protected]> is mainly responsible.


lightning-commando-rune(7), lightning-commando-blacklist(7)


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