Plugin manager

Learn how to add your plugin to the reckless plugin manager.

reckless is a plugin manager for Core Lightning that you can use to install and uninstall plugins with a single command.

To make your plugin compatible with reckless install:

  • Choose a unique plugin name.
  • The plugin entrypoint is inferred. Naming your plugin executable the same as your plugin name will allow reckless to identify it correctly (file extensions are okay).
  • For python plugins, a requirements.txt is the preferred medium for python dependencies. A pyproject.toml will be used as a fallback, but test installation via pip install -e . - Poetry looks for additional files in the working directory, whereas with pip, any
    references to these will require something like packages = [{ include = "*.py" }] under the [tool.poetry] section.
  • Additional repository sources may be added with reckless source add https://my.repo.url/here however is included by default. Consider adding your plugin lightningd/plugins to make installation simpler.
  • If your plugin is located in a subdirectory of your repo with a different name than your plugin, it will likely be overlooked.


As reckless needs to know how to handle and install the dependencies of a plugin, current version only supports python plugins. We are working on a broader support, e.g., for javascript, golang and other popular programming languages.

Stay tuned and tell us what languages you need support for, and what features you're missing.